1. Introduction Write an introduction that introduces readers to your paper. 2.

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1. Introduction
Write an introduction that introduces readers to your paper.
2. Evidence from the Literature
(Hint: you can utilize this as a heading in your paper to help organize the information.)
a. State the burning clinical question (BCQ) in sentence format and identify within the question the PICOT components of the BCQ. My PICOT question is “Do type II diabetics (P) maintain their blood sugar levels more effectively (O) with exercise as the main form of treatment (I) than patients who get drug therapy as a primary treatment (C)?
b. Carry out a systematic review of appropriate current (last five years) quantitative research studies and systematic reviews related to the identified BCQ. When describing the review of the literature, state all databases searched, describe the keywords used for identification of the articles, and inclusion and exclusion criteria used to select articles to answer the BCQ. Thoroughly discuss the results obtained with each set of keywords.
Students need to select three quantitative studies and/or systematic reviews related to their BCQ. Abstracts are not acceptable, as students must have the entire article to complete an appraisal. When submitting assignment 2, students must also submit the three quantitative studies and/or systematic reviews with their paper. Unless the attachments are full-text articles they will not be accepted, resulting in a zero for this portion of the assignment.
c. Students are to critically appraise one article only based on the Level of Evidence The one article students are to critically appraise should be the article with the strongest level evidence that was found in the literature search. If all three of your quantitative studies or systematic reviews are the same level of evidence, then appraise the study or review that best fits your BCQ in PICOT format.
d. For the one selected article students are to critically appraise, identify the level of evidence and discuss why the article was placed in the identified level of evidence (For example research design, etc.). Provide a synopsis of the study by using the synopsis questions in the quantitative study appraisal guide (Appendix F) or the systematic review appraisal guide (Appendix C) in the Brown textbook. Also, discuss how closely the variables/concepts of the study fit the PICOT format your BCQ {identify the independent variables (IVs), dependent or outcome variables (DV)s of each, and discuss the populations, interventions if appropriate, methodology, theory, etc.}, and the relevancy of the article to answer the BCQ. Use the Appraisal Guide for a quantitative study (Appendix F) or systematic review (Appendix C) in your 4th edition Brown textbook to also discuss credibility and clinical significance.
e. Students are to provide a brief synopsis (using synopsis questions from the quantitative study or systematic review appraisal guide) of the other two quantitative research studies identified during the literature review. Also, discuss how the findings from these two studies will assist in answering the BCQ and assist in making recommendations for nursing practice change in the work setting.
3. Clinical Expertise
Discuss the clinical expertise in relation to the BCQ. This would be a discussion of the personal professional experience, clinical judgment, and/or intuition related to the BCQ. See chapter 7 of the Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt textbook.
4. Patient and Staff Concerns
Discuss patients’ or staff’s concerns, preferences, and choices related to the BCQ. See chapter 7 of the textbook.
5. Recommendations
Students combine the evidence summary (Level I through Level VI articles) with the clinical expertise and patient and staff concerns to produce valid and reliable clinical practice recommendations.
Discuss the recommendations in relation to:
a. Summary of best evidence (critically analyzed Level I, Level II, Level, III, Level IV, Level V, or Level VI article), other supporting evidence from other articles, clinical expertise, and patient and staff concerns. Use APA format where appropriate to reference the statements made in this summarization.
b. State exactly what the nursing practice change in the work setting would be based on these recommendations (for example, writing a new policy, changing an existing policy, or other change in nursing practice).
c. Discuss applicability of the recommendations to the work setting.
d. Discuss feasibility (costs versus benefits) of the recommendations to the work setting.
6. Conclusions
Remember to include a conclusion that restates the key points of your paper.

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