And what would the cost be for editing, cohesiveness, fluidity, and relevant citations?

Please follow my Dissertation chair’s instructions to update and edit chapter 2. The chapter is mostly done, but need detailed working and finalizing. Is it possible to get this edited asap? And what would the cost be for editing, cohesiveness, fluidity, and relevant citations?
I cannot give the number of sources as this is an ongoing paper and the literature review has unlimited sources.


Formulate your nursing program’s mission statement, philosophy, and at least 6 program outcomes.

The purpose of this assignment is to develop an innovative context-relevant nursing curriculum for a BSN pre-licensure traditional program divided into six semesters (BSN) not including prerequisite courses. Do not create an online course. Write a 5-7 page paper, excluding title page, abstract, and reference page, using APA 7th Ed. 1. Identify the educational level of the curriculum of your design. 2. Identify the stakeholders, internal and external factors 3. Describe the organizing strategies for the curriculum design. 4. Select a conceptual framework to support your plan. 5. Define the curriculum parameters. 6. The delivery approach will be face-to-face: Describe this delivery approach to include classroom, simulation, skills lab and clinical learning experiences. 7. Formulate your nursing program’s mission statement, philosophy, and at least 6 program outcomes.

IT Management

To design a new system to sustain the vision of mhc, you will create a system requirements specification (srs) document.

PLEASE USE SRS TEMPLATE ATTACHED FOR THE ASSIGNMENT. You are employed as a systems engineer at Millennia HealthCenter (MHC), an organization in the healthcare industry that offers patient care in person and online. MHC will be implementing a new software system within the next three years, and you are the systems engineer leading the project. The software system that Millennia HealthCenter currently uses has several problems, as described in the business case document (see Supporting Materials section). MHC’s technical problems are reducing efficiencies, accuracies, and the quality of patient care. The vision and the ultimate goal of MHC is to effectively improve the patient’s health and well-being through innovative approaches in health information technology. The question is: as a systems engineer on this project, how will you design a new system to improve the patient’s experience? To design a new system to sustain the vision of MHC, you will create a system requirements specification (SRS) document. The SRS will determine all aspects of the system that need to be considered prior to the start of the development process, from the perspective of the stakeholders. As you create this document, you will also have to make ethical decisions that consider legal, organizational, and industry considerations. Directions Review all of the details of the software system outlined in the business case. Be sure to read through the entire case. You will refer to its specifics throughout your SRS, and you do not want to miss any important information. Also in the Supporting Materials section: Watch all of the interviews with the stakeholders who will be using the software system once it is implemented. Review the codes of ethics for the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Review the security guidelines regarding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) regulations. Read the Workflow of Existing System and Processes document. Download the System Requirements Specification Template, and develop its content. Fill out the sections in the template that apply to the specific system that is described in the scenario. If you believe that a section does not apply to the system within the scenario, enter “Does not apply.” Provide a brief rationale as to why you believe that the section does not apply. Your system requirements specification must include: An introduction, which may include: System purpose System scope System overview System context System functions User characteristics A description of functional system requirements that clearly explains how the functionality addresses the problem statement within the business case and meets the organizational vision A description of the non-functional requirements, which includes: Usability requirements Performance requirements A description of other requirements, which may include: System interface System operations System modes and states Physical characteristics Environmental conditions As you complete these sections of your SRS, pay particular attention to the interviews with stakeholders referred to in the Supporting Materials section of this document. Since you do not have access to the actual end users and other stakeholders of the system, you may use your judgment in specifying the precise nature of the capabilities that the users will need. If you have questions about system functions, you should research the nature of the user’s work, and you may also want to use your instructor as a resource. As you develop the SRS, you will demonstrate how to make ethical decisions. Your SRS must also include: An explanation of the system security requirements, which includes how the system will need to sustain proper levels of security A section on information management requirements, which determines how the system will need to manage and encrypt information between its databases, interaction with other systems, and interfaces, while considering the ethics of privacy An explanation as to how the system must comply with organizational and federal policies and regulations requirements (e.g., HIPAA compliance) An application of the ethical considerations throughout the SRS by addressing the codes of ethics for ACM and IEEE


Please make sure to use apa 7th edition and follow directions.

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO USE APA 7TH EDITION AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. USE THE TEMPLATE PROVIDED IN THE WORD DOCUMENT. FOR BOTH ARTICLES: -Do not summarize the article. Rather, you can talk about whether you agree or disagree with the arguments of the paper and why, aspects of the research you think are especially important, aspects of the research you think are flawed or in need of additional study, or ways in which the research could be applied to your life or the world at large. -Please type it into this document and then save it as a new file. Please keep your paper within one single-spaced page, but do try to fill up most (if not all) of the page. Strong papers will have insightful, nonobvious comments that show that you truly understand the material and reflected upon it deeply.

English 101

Mla formatting and conventions

Essay Prompt:
Using the below texts (readings) and concepts we’ve read and discussed, write a 4 full paged Essay publish in MLA (Links to an external site.) format in which you analyze how factors from our home, school, and community can cause students (high school or college) to believe that they can or cannot succeed in an academic environment. To clarify:
Make an argument (thesis statement) for the above statement.
Include evidence from Mike Rose’s “I Just Wanna Be Average,” Carol Dweck’s “The Secret to Raising Smart Kids,” and/or Miles Corwin’s And Still We Rise to support and reinforce your analysis. Please use no more than 4-5 short quotes/paraphrases for the full publish. Only use 2 pieces of evidence for the publish
Please do not simply upload what you submitted for your publish or it WILL NOT be graded until you have revised your essay after receiving feedback from the Tutor. Real revision means changing, taking apart, and adding details. If you only correct grammar or change a few words, this IS NOT Revision.
Papers will be assessed according to:
MLA formatting and conventions
the concision of the prose and the clarity of your analysis
the quality of the examples chosen to support your analysis
how true you have been to the definitions of Dweck’s mindsets
Please see the publish essay uploaded


I will email the video to be critiqued

a personal assessment of the counselor’s performance, strengths, and areas of growth should be worked on.
I will email the video to be critiqued

Other / Romer vs. Evans - Legal Case Study

The paper will be written utilizing the american psychological association (apa 7th edition) style and format and must be submitted in typewritten form, free of errors in spelling and punctuation, of sufficient length to adequately cover the subject, but not fewer than 6 full pages, excluding the title page, the resource page, and any blank pages.

Legal Case Study Research Paper: Each student will conduct research and submit a Legal Case Study Research Paper on the OSHA or approved (Legal) case that the student selected at the beginning of the semester. The approved legal case list is located in Canvas in the file entitled
The paper will be written utilizing the American Psychological Association (APA 7th Edition) style and format and must be submitted in typewritten form, free of errors in spelling and punctuation, of sufficient length to adequately cover the subject, but not fewer than 6 full pages, excluding the title page, the resource page, and any blank pages. Additional information is provided below on the format.
The Legal Case Study Research Paper should be written as if you are submitting an information briefing to your supervisor or client. You should write your thoughts and include suggestions as if you were a consultant hired to interpret the Case and render an opinion on the outcome.
Below is the legal case I am using :


Ample apa annotation ehrenreich, b. (2001).

AMPLE APA ANNOTATION Ehrenreich, B. (2001). Nickel and dimed: On (not) getting by in America. Henry Holt and Company. In this book of nonfiction based on the journalist’s experiential research, Ehrenreich attempts to ascertain whether it is currently possible for an individual to live on a minimum-wage in America. Taking jobs as a waitress, a maid in a cleaning service, and a Walmart sales employee, the author summarizes and reflects on her work, her relationships with fellow workers, and her financial struggles in each situation. An experienced journalist, Ehrenreich is aware of the limitations of her experiment and the ethical implications of her experiential research tactics and reflects on these issues in the text. The author is forthcoming about her methods and supplements her experiences with scholarly research on her places of employment, the economy, and the rising cost of living in America. Ehrenreich’s project is timely, descriptive, and well-researched.

Communication Strategies

What should you advise the deputy assistant director of operations (military support) to do?

Review this exchange at a Federal government agency. The Inspector General (IG) is a member of the Director’s staff; the Deputy Assistant Director of Operations (Military Support) is lower in the chain of command. What should you advise the Deputy Assistant Director of Operations (Military Support) to do? It is well after the close of business on Friday, the committee has met and selected the positions to be eliminated, the IG will not be available before the proposal is due to the Director Monday morning.


What are the consequences to floyd mcnally if he sells his shares to floyd ii in a bargain sale (say 75% of the fmv)?

Estate Taxes
You are an entry-level CPA at Ernst & Old LLP, and you impressed your managers a couple weeks ago on the Jan, Franklin, and Terry project. They are now testing your knowledge of S corporations and a little bit of gift and estate tax planning.
The McNally family owns McNally Motors (an S Corporation) operating as a Ford dealership in Elport, NJ. It is owned by three brothers, Floyd, Harold, and Kevin, each holding 400 shares. Floyd is the eldest of the brothers, and he desires to sell his shares to his son Floyd II. Harold has no children and plans to hold his shares until his death. The other owners will have first right of refusal to acquire his shares and have utilized a life insurance policy to provide for the proceeds necessary to buy out his estate’s shares. Kevin, the youngest, is in no rush to get out of the business. Kevin does have two daughters, however, who are interested in purchasing a nearby auto body shop because it would be a great ancillary business to the dealership. They all have basis of $500K in McNally Motors; a recent business valuation shows the FMV of McNally Motors to be $3M.
As you can see, they each want to dispose of (or hold onto) their shares in a different manner. They each need help understanding what the income, gift, and/or estate tax consequences are of their anticipated actions. It’s your chance to impress yet again and seek a promotion. It’s time for you to decide.
Floyd McNally: Chairman of the Board, pictured with his son Floyd Jr.
Ready to retire; age 67
Desires to sell his shares (at a 25% discount) to his son Floyd Jr.
Harold McNally: General Manager, McNally Motors
Single man, age 65
No children
Plans to hold his shares and work some capacity until his death. This dealership is his life!
Estate to sell shares to other shareholders for life insurance proceeds (under buy-sell agreement) at FMV
Kevin McNally: Married, father of two daughters
Married man, age 55
Has long-term business plans and has no current plan to retire
Wants to gift his daughters $2M to purchase an existing auto body shop
Given the scenario provided and having received an introduction to the players, it is your time to decide what Floyd, Harold, and Kevin should do. Their initial questions include the following.
Does the fact that McNally Motors is organized as an S corporation provide any limitations on their decisions regarding transition of ownership?
What are the consequences to Floyd McNally if he sells his shares to Floyd II in a bargain sale (say 75% of the FMV)? What are the income tax consequences to Floyd? To Floyd II? What will Floyd II’s basis be in the shares?
Harold wants to know if his estate will have to pay estate tax when he dies. In addition to his shares in McNally Motors, he has $3M in his 401(K) and $1M in his brokerage account. Beneficiaries of his estate are his nieces and nephews. Will his estate be liable for estate tax?
Can Kevin take a cash distribution out of McNally Motors (his two brothers taking nothing at this time) to give to his daughters to acquire the auto body shop? What are the consequences of this distribution? Will he owe gift tax if he outright gifts the cash to them? Does he have any options to minimize the gift tax?
Write a 750–1,000 word (12 point, double-spaced, 1″ margins, Times New Roman) memo to Floyd, Harold, and Kevin addressing the four aforementioned issues.
Provide support for your recommendation and decision by citing a section of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).