Analyse the brand’s marketing communications campaign(s)* implemented in two dif

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Analyse the brand’s marketing communications campaign(s)* implemented in two different countries. How successful/unsuccessful has it been? Why?
If you want to talk about the same campaign targeting two different markets (e.g., Coke’s “Open Happiness” campaign in China and India), you can do that. If you want to talk about the brand’s two different campaigns in two different countries (e.g. “Open Happiness” campaign in China vs. “Share a Coke” campaign in India), you can do that as well. We are open to both options as long as your discussion addresses the brand’s cross-cultural marketing communications strategies.
* What is “campaign?” It refers to actions and activities that are aimed at promoting particular product, business, or service by spreading a specific idea, typically through multiple media and tools. It does not refer to a single execution, like single advertisement or a singleYouTube clip.
Length: 1,500 words (+/- 10%)
Reference style: APA 7
Your case study should be written in report format and should include the following sections:
Title page (not included in word count): Your name, subject code and title, submission date, total word counts
Brief background of the brand (about 100-200 words)
Your response to the scenario of your choice (about 700-800 words): Here you write a case study of the brand. You must integrate pertinent concepts and theories and properly reference all non-original work.
Discussion and recommendations (about 500-600 words): In this section, you will need to discuss key insights gained from your case study, explain what YOU think about the brand’s strategies, and provide your recommendations for how things may be done differently in the future. You will need to give reasons for this.
Bibliography (not included in word count)

The teaching team will assess this assignment based on the following criteria:
Quality of analysis and argument
Appropriate use of subject concepts/theories
Depth of research
Quality of writing
Combine the theory in the notes in the case, mainly focusing on the week 3: globalisation, localisation, glocalisation, Hofstede Cultural Dimensions(website on the notes)

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