– as a counselor, what would your role be in working with these clients?

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Please make sure to use APA 7th edition. Make sure to answer ALL questions. There are four YouTube videos contained within that lecture on the following four theories: (a) Psychosexual; Freud’s Psychosexual Stages (b) Psychosocial: 8 Stages of Development by Erik Erikson (c) Cognitive; Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development (d) Ecological; Urie Bronfenbrenner Ecological Systems Theory–E – Watch all four videos then choose two theoretical perspectives to summarize based on the videos, the Chapter 2 readings, and the Videos for PPT/ lecture Class #2. — In addition to summarizing two theoretical perspectives, describe 1) how elements of each theory could be used in counseling and 2) the benefit of these perspectives on human development counseling. 2) Describe prenatal development. – Then, describe how knowledge of prenatal development is critical to understanding human development from a counseling perspective. 3) Prenatal researchers believe there is a connection between a mother’s emotions and how her baby feels. Provide at least three examples of counseling issues that may add risk to the mother and/or baby. – Select one of these examples and describe how you might approach your work with a mother experiencing that specific issue. How can you assist this client? 4) Consider two distinct experiences: postpartum depression and depression resulting from a miscarriage, stillbirth, or termination. – How might depression be similar for these clients? How might it be different? – As a counselor, what would your role be in working with these clients? Which strategies might you employ? 5) Watch the following movie trailer that provides “light comedy” about a relationship during the prenatal stage of development. Pretend this couple is your new client. – Describe your role as this couples’ therapist. – Provide possible avenues of psycho-educational guidance and feedback. – What type of warning signs and symptoms would you be assessing for? – Provide strategies for how your clients can deal with their stress and manage their anxieties specific to their situation.

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