Assignment Description Write a 10–12-page paper that applies a Single Study or S

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Assignment Description
Write a 10–12-page paper that applies a Single Study or Systematic Review to the client or client system you identified in the Unit 4 discussion. Use the example of “Case Illustrations for Single Study or Systematic Review” in Chapter 14 of Clinician’s Guide to Research Methods in Family Therapy. In the last discussion I identified a problem for a newly married couple. They have been married for a year but are high school sweethearts. The wife has recently become pregnant and the husband has been having an affair. He has ended it in hopes of keeping his family together. He is not apologetic enough for his wife. The wife now has trust issues and is easily angered. The husband wants things to go back to how they were before his indiscretion.
I chose a Solution Focused Narrative Therapeutic Approach. The next steps would be to begin the process of ensuring the client and the problem are separated to allow the client a better objective view of the situation they are facing. Assess the problem, and then implement the first stages of goal-directed approach to therapy that highlights the importance of searching for solutions rather than focusing on problems (Trepper, Dolan, McCollum, & Nelson, 2006; Proudlock & Wellman, 2011). Different ways I can do this would be to focus on what worked for the clients before the indiscretion. Possibly use a scaling question to allow both sides to discuss deeply where they currently stand. I can then ask a miracle question to hopefully allow the wife to step out of where they are currently. Depending on how the clients react next steps would depend solely on them. The paper attached is the first part to the assignment please complete part 2 based off of part 1
Saunders, L. M. (2020). A Solution Focused Narrative Therapeutic Approach to Restoring Couple Relationships After Infidelity (Doctoral dissertation, Texas Wesleyan University).
Submission Requirements
In addition to following the outline above, your paper will be graded on the following criteria:
Written Communication: It should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA formatting: References and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting guidelines.
Number of references: Minimum of 10 academic references.
Length: 10–12 typed, double-spaced pages.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 points.

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