Assignment Overview A philosophy of nursing is a mission statement to outline a

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Assignment Overview
A philosophy of nursing is a mission statement to outline a nurse’s values, ethics, beliefs, theories for being part of the profession, helps you identify yourself and shape professional choices that you make.
In this assignment, you are being asked to engage in an activity to critique and revise a sample philosophy of nursing practice professional statement. Additionally, you will also develop philosophy statement to align with your advanced practice career.
Assignment Overview
The purpose of this assignment is to guide the student to define, describe and explain their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about the four concepts of the nursing metaparadigm and their interrelationship to one another as they guide your current beliefs in nursing and nursing practice. There are no right or wrong thoughts, feelings, or beliefs; these represent your own philosophical beliefs.
Prompt: What is wrong with the statement – if any? What can you do to improve it?
Sample Philosophy of Nursing Professional Statement:
“Nurses provide quality nursing based on holistic care principles. Core nursing values include advocacy, compassion, and evidence-based practice. Patients are partners in their care when a patient-centered care approach is used to produce the best healthcare outcomes.”
Provide a full philosophical critique of a sample philosophy statement provided.
Propose a revision to improve alignment with nursing values, beliefs, and professional standards.
Develop a philosophy statement publish for your APN role.
The philosophy statement is to be typed according to APA format and no more than 5 pages in length. The paper should include a title page and reference list, however, these pages are not to be included in the final count. Organization, documentation, and references should follow APA format.
Critically review the sample philosophy of nursing statement provided. Write your critique narrative to clearly show the professional standards used in your critique, identify each specific domain of the nursing practice philosophy statement examined, and propose/write a revision that properly reflects professional nursing values, beliefs., ethical principles, and professional standards.
Using information from the reading, literature search, and personal nursing beliefs and values, develop a personal philosophy of advanced practice nursing statement that aligns with APRN Consensus model and your advanced practice specialization. Show linkage (tie) of your philosophy statement to specific NP leadership behavior and competencies. The statement should meet attributes of professional nursing philosophy.
Criteria for Personal Philosophy Statement For APN Practice:
Introduction – identifies the purpose of the philosophy statement.
Brief description of the factors influencing the development of your personal philosophy of advanced practice nursing
Define, describe, and explain your personal thoughts, feelings, values, and beliefs about the nursing metaparadigms and your APN philosophy statement
Explain linkages of your philosophy statement and nursing metaparadigms, the Consensus model, your APN population specialty, and specific NP leadership behavior and competencies for APN practice. Be clear about the interrelationship of the nursing metaparadigms. Incorporate your personal thoughts, feelings, values, and beliefs about the metaparadigms and literature sources to support your narrative.
Identification and a brief description of a grand or middle-range nursing theory found to be the most compatible with your APN philosophy. Explain the interrelationship of concepts of the selected theory and how the theory aligns with the metaparadigms.
Summary and Conclusion

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