ASSIGNMENT: You will be proposing the topic you wish to write about for the Modu

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ASSIGNMENT: You will be proposing the topic you wish to write about for the Module One Descriptive Narration and responding to two peers. Once you have selected a topic, write a 250-word response, please answer the following questions in complete sentences.
What is your narration about?
Who is the main character?
Where is your narration set?
What is the general plot of your narration?
Do you know how you would like to end your narration?
Topic proposals that do not answer and address these questions will receive an automatic failing grade.
PURPOSE: The purpose of a discussing a topic is to ensure that you have picked an appropriate focus that fits within the scope of certain requirements whether it be for an assignment, conference, or presentation. Often, students pick a topic that is too broad which requires a longer, more advanced writing than what is required for our module. Remember the importance of selecting a topic you have personal knowledge of and a topic that is small enough that you can adequately and thoroughly discuss it within the essay length requirements.
—————————————————————————————————————————————————————–COMMENTS: Respond to two of your peers. Your response to each classmate should be approximately 100 words long and should contain at least one piece of advice that—if followed—would improve the publish in your opinion. Your post will be worth 75 points while each comment is worth 12.5 points each. Please keep the following in mind:
You need to be evaluative. Thus, please do not say things like, “This essay is great!” “Good job!” “Yes, it has a thesis. . .” Such comments are not helpful.
Here are some things to comment on:
Clarity – What do you believe the topic of the essay is after reading the introduction and does the author clearly pick one side of the argument to advocate for?
Thesis – Tell your peer what sentence you believe is their thesis. Does it directly address the prompt? What suggestions can you offer?
Topic Sentence – Does the body paragraph have a topic sentence that relates to the thesis? What suggestions can you offer?
Quoting – Is there a direct quote as an example in the body paragraph? If so, is it correctly cited? If not, what suggestions can you offer?
Coherence—Does the essay read smoothly? Do you feel like the writer is trying to make it easy for you to follow and interesting for you to read? Is the writer “reader-friendly”? If not, what suggestions can you offer?
Content—Does the writer follow the directions of the assignment to the best of your understanding. Think of it this way—if you were way off the mark in your understanding of what to do, wouldn’t you want someone to let you know?
Readability—Do you understand all the sentences? Do they all make sense? Has the writer communicated clearly to you on a sentence level so that you’re not having to guess at what the writer meant? If not, what suggestions can you offer?
Some things to avoid—try not to nitpick—because it’s a publish, there will probably be little problems that the writer just hasn’t fixed yet. Be kind and sensitive in your comments; speak to your classmate the way you’d want to be spoken to. And don’t forget that we all need to know when we’ve done something well. Be sure to point out things that you admire about the publish.

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