Business Studies

b) Please use crypto curreny trading as the topic of disscusion

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This is for college admission essay for freshman. Please ensure the following
– The opening and closing of the essay is catchy and gets the readers attention
– I am brain dumping all my ideas below
– Goal is to ensure that its a solid essay and keeps the reader engaged throughout .
– The word limit is not to exceed 350 words. i will pay for the 550 words service but please reduce the word count to 350
The essay should revolve around these concepts/idea
a) My creative side is around looking for innovatitve ways and ideas to learn concepts outside of high school curriculum and make money
b) Please use crypto curreny trading as the topic of disscusion
c) I was influenced sseing my dad who was continuously on his phone and desktop looking at weird charts. I inquired with him and that’s whe my interest triggered followed by many questions on this topic. Some questions my dad didn’t even know
d) I started following on Twitter some big crypto influencers such as Elon Musk, Vitalik Buterin, Adam Back and Changpeng Zhao to name a few
e) Started following top crypto youtubers: Bitboy crypto, Brian Jung, Benjamin Cowen and Crypto Lark
j) joined free crypto discords to educate myslef and learn from others
h) Seeing my immense interest my dad advised me to do demo trading for 3 months and show him the results along with what I had learned.
i) During the 3 months, aside from following the crypto influencers and Youtubers, I learned from You tube videos trading techniques, enrolled in an online block chain bootcamp, created a account for demo trades.
j) From all this I learned how crypto currencies builds a safe, secure, and transparent financial system and powers a new global payment system,
h) I learned how to analyze crypto trends by using tools and indicators like candle stick charts, support and resistance, trend lines, relative strength index & bollinger bands charting techniques
i) I even taught my dad some of the content
j) Seeing my immense interest and drive my dad gave me $5000 to invest
h) I turned that to $15000 within 9 months with a 3x return on investment. I have saved that money for my college fund
i) I have a Computer Science and Business concentration in high school and want to leverage my learnings in these areas to explore and build a Machine learning algorithm that can predit future crypto trends
j) I excpet that in college the Business and CS courses will prepare me to harness the primary technologies behind cryptocurrencies in preparation for a job market with lots of openings and few qualified applicants

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