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Book: smith, a., collene, a., & spees, c. (2022).

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Session 5 Final Case Studies
Final Case Studies
Review the three case studies.docx three case studies.docx – Alternative Formats . Answer the questions following the case studies based on information found in the case. To successfully complete these case studies, you will use materials from all of the past five weeks. Be sure to consult your textbook and other links provided to you during this class. For case one, question 1, you will use the determine checklist.pdf determine checklist.pdf – Alternative Formats . Each Case Study is worth 25 points (five points per question).
Book: Smith, A., Collene, A., & Spees, C. (2022). Wardlaw’s contemporary nutrition (12th ed). McGraw Hill. [ISBN 978-1260695489]

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