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Critique (at least 2 paragraphs): critique the study.

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This assignment should be written in APA format with double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font. It should include a cover page including Course Number, Course Name, Title of Assignment, and Student Name. General Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is two-fold – to understand a researched-based strategy/evidence-based practice for students with LD, and to practice engaging with and critiquing research. For the assignment, you will identify an empirical research article (a study) specifically focused on a strategy for students with LD. Please follow timeline in syllabus for pre-approval of your chosen article. For assistance identifying an article, please contact Dr. Enders. Introduction: Provide an introduction to the paper. Describe what the research is about and explain its focus. State the EBP being examined in this study. State the hypotheses or research questions. Methods (Paragraph 1): Identify the subjects in the study. Discuss who are the participants, where they are located, and other demographic data provided. Identify the procedures/methods used in the study. (e.g., design of study, how many subjects, what they did) (Paragraph 2): Describe the variables and explain how each variable was measured. Be specific. Identify the name of the measurement and a brief description of each. Results and Discussion (at least 2 paragraphs): Discuss the results of the study. What did the authors learn from conducting the study? Did the data support or fail to support the stated hypotheses? What conclusions did the researchers draw from the results? What limitations, if any, did they note? Critique (at least 2 paragraphs): Critique the study. Specify what was done well and what could have been improved. Describe if you think the research was valuable. Explain if you believe the study was practical and/or helpful? If so, to whom? State if there should be more research conducted in this area. Describe to whom the results of this study apply. Make recommendations for next steps in this line of research. Criteria Points Introduction Describes what the research is about; explains its focus; includes the EBP being examined; states the hypotheses or research questions 2 Methods Identifies the subjects in the study; describes the design of study; includes information on demographic data; states how many subjects; explains what they did; names the measurements used and explains how each variable was measured 8 Results and discussion Explains the results; describes what the authors learn from the study; states whether the data support or fail to support the stated hypotheses 5 Critique Specifies what was done well; states what could have been improved; describes if the research was valuable (added to the field); explains the practical and/or helpful benefits of the study; describes to whom the results of this study apply; states if there is a need for more research; makes recommendations for next steps in this line of research 10 APA formatting & pre-approval Paper is in correct APA formatting with less than 3 formatting errors; paper was approved in advance 5

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