Data consists of raw facts, such as an employee number, total hours worked in a

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Data consists of raw facts, such as an employee number, total hours worked in a week, an inventory part number, or the number of units produced on a production line. Several types of data can represent these facts. Information is a collection of data organized and processed so that it has additional value beyond the value of the individual facts. Components of a Computer-Based Information System For example, a sales manager may want individual sales data summarized so it shows the total sales for the month. Providing information to customers can also help companies increase revenues and profits. For example, social shopping Web site Kaboodle brings shoppers and sellers together electronically so they can share information and make recommendations while shopping online. The free exchange of information stimulates sales and helps ensure shoppers find better values. What To Include Go to the Web site for the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and find information about the occupations with the greatest projected job growth in terms of the number of people who will be needed. Create an infographic to illustrate the growth of the 5 fastest growing occupations. Be as creative as you would like with this. Here are some possible choices but don’t feel limited to: Microsoft Word, Infogram, Microsoft Publisher, Venngage. Write a brief summary of your findings and how information systems are an integral part of the growth of these companies. This can be three to four paragraphs (one page). Be sure to include your TWO citations in APA format on a work cite page. Requirements Format to include ALL information in ONE document. Format Requirements: Times New Roman; 12 pt. font. You must use Microsoft Word; 1’ Margins 1.5-line spacing. Your name and assignment due date must be on all assignments. Assignment Due Date: Each week has a specific date, check under the Modules (no late assignments will be accepted). When the assignment is completed it will be turned in through WebCampus under Modules and related assignment. Infographic Write a one-page paper (400 hundred words & TWO APA Citation) in your own words. Plagiarism: Plagiarism occurs when you use another student’s paper or you create a paper that is not in your own words and is not properly documented. Avoid plagiarism at all costs. When you attach your paper in the assignment area in WebCampus it will be submitted into plagiarism software.

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