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Directions: Edit the following news release to conform to the Associated Press s

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Directions: Edit the following news release to conform to the Associated Press style.
You may use your stylebooks. Make sure to “Track Changes” in the document. Highlight changes. There should be 24 changes to the paper to fix all the AP-style wiring errors.

KU workshop to introduce fundamentals of entrepreneurship
LAWRENCE, Kansas – Starting your own technology-based company and being your
own boss is a dream for some people, but where do you begin? Inventors face a maze of
legal and financial challenges that can stifle creativity and innovation before a company
even opens their doors.
To help sort it all out, the University of Kansas will host a free workshop Tuesday,
October 9th, designed to introduce faculty, staff, and students to the fundamentals of
entrepreneurship. The workshop runs from 8:30 AM to 4:00pm.
Described as a “boot camp”, the workshop filled up in late Sept. with two hundred
“We call it a boot camp because its basic training for anyone interested in the topic”,
said Julie Nagel, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
“Some participants already have an idea and a business plan in mind. Others just want to
see what it’s all about. Everyone will find it informative and a day well-spent”.
Participants will learn how the company startup process works at KU. They will also
learn how to raise investment capital, how to protect and value intellectual property, and
what resources are available at KU to provide assistance to inventors.
The workshop was organized by the KU Center of Technology Commercialization,
which Dr. Nagel heads. It begins at The Oread Hotel in Lawrence and concludes in the
afternoon with a series of private one on one coaching sessions for participants. The
coaching will be provided by the workshop presenters, all of whom are nationally
recognized experts with Silicon Valley experience. They include:
• Phyllis Whiteley, President and CEO, Didimi Inc., Berkeley, California
• Becky Voorheis, Vice President, ApeX Therapeutics, Indianapolis, Indiana
• Carlos Kemeny, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
• Robert Herrington, Founder and Former Chairman and CEO, Horizon Analog Inc.,
Lawrence, Kansas
Given the strong response to this first workshop, Nagel expects KU will offer it again in
the future and may also open it to the wider community. “Entrepreneurship is a key to a
strong, more diversified economy”, she said. “As the state’s leader in research and
technology invention, KU plays a major role in fostering the innovation that can help
Kansas grow”.

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