English 101

FINALLY – YOUR GOALS AND MISSION STATEMENT Goal setting is an extremely importan

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Goal setting is an extremely important part of our ability to succeed and achieve. Being able to set goals that are consistent with our values and ethics is doubly hard. Hayakawa points out in Chapter 7 that “human beings are unique in their ability to react meaningfully to” things in the future… “next Saturday” or “20 years”. He continues by pointing out that “a map can be made despite the fact that the territory it stands for is not yet an actuality.” (p. 65) Aha! We are trying to make something happen for ourselves, our family, our business – etc., etc.
(You might want to read Chapter 7, p. 65-73) Individual goals and mission statements also provide a declaration that motivates and inspires one to stay the course and provides a vital statement of individual values and life priorities (Jones, 2001).
Jones, L. B. (2001). The path: Creating your mission statement for work and for life. Hachette Books.
Your assignment here is to write a mission statement and perform some goal setting remembering your beliefs and value system. The best goal-setting tactics use what we call SMART rules: specific (leave no room for misinterpretation, include as many rules as possible); measurable (provide a means to measure your progress, set up checkpoints to evaluate progress); attainable/believable (resources you might need, strategy for overcoming obstacles; realistic/achievable (consider your capabilities and limitations, if you can’t sing, you can’t become an opera singer); finally, time-bound (develop specific deadline for meeting each of your goals, how to make them reality not just dreams). (de Janasz, 2012)
Successfully communicating with others often depends upon us knowing our own goals!
Please submit as a word document in APA format, 12 points with a title and heading. The paper should be at least 2 pages. This is a formal essay and should be submitted as such. Please submit in APA format (see a sample under the “Student Resources” tab in the left margin) and be sure to read “How to Make an A on an Essay” under “Course Materials”.

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