First Topic: Doctoral learners must learn to evaluate the resources at their dis

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First Topic: Doctoral learners must learn to evaluate the resources at their disposal and make informed decisions regarding the necessity of F or associated study on a given topic. Evaluation of reading materials can be challenging, but a researcher should always start with peer reviewed publications as the foundation to any research project. Why is the peer review of academic literature important ? How is peer reviewed literature distinguished from other forms of literature? Why is this distinction important to doctoral level research?
Second Topic: This is your first class in your doctoral journey, but it is never too early have a conversation about what topic you would like to research. Some of you may have no idea of what you would like to explore, while others are absolutely certain you know exactly what you will be researching. In all likelihood, the specific topic that you are considering right now is not the topic you will ultimately research once you begin working with committee.
Finding a dissertation topic is much more than researching a topic with which you have an interest or passion. Your topic will originate as a very broad concept that will be narrowed to a specific topic as you read extensively the empirical research surrounding your concept. To justify a research project such as the dissertation, there must be not only a need for the research but also a space in the literature that the proposed research can fill.
When identifying a researchable topic, there are a few things that should be considered:
Is it interesting to you?
Is it interesting to anyone else?
Is it defined as a need in literature?
Is it original?
Is it feasible?
Is it within your range of competence?
Is it ethical?
Does it align with your program of study?
Whether a topic is feasible is an important consideration. In what ways, can you insure that your topic is feasible? How do you know when a topic needs to be narrowed to something more specific in order to be feasible? How does your proposed broad concept align with your program of study ? How will researching a topic based on your concept contribute to your field of study? Explain.

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