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APPLYING THE SAMR MODEL ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEW The SAMR Model is a framework developed by Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura that helps teachers understand how to integrate technology in the classroom to provide learning experiences that increase student achievement (Walsh, 2017). Walsh (2017) explains the different levels of the SAMR Model framework developed by Dr. Puentedura as shown below: ? Substitution – technology is being used as a tool, but there is no change to the task. ? Augmentation – the task is improved by using technology. ? Modification – technology leads to redesign of the task. ? Redefinition – new tasks which were previously not possible can be undertaken. This model is helpful for teachers as they can see their level of technology integration (Veletsianos, 2016). There are two categories which these four levels fall into which are enhancement (substitution and augmentation) and transformation (modification and redefinition) (Velestianos, 2016). Integrating technology just to integrate technology is not effective. It is important teachers look to integrate technology in the transformation category. INSTRUCTIONS ? Explain in 1–2 pages why you believe integrating technology at a high level is important. You will need to use at least 3 current, peer-reviewed scholarly references to support your claims. ? Choose a learning activity such as a writing assignment, book report, oral presentation etc…. you have assigned or will assign to your students and explain how you could use technology to make the learning activity fall in the redefinition level of the SAMR Model. If you are not a teacher, you can choose a learning activity from your work environment, or a learning activity from a hypothetical traditional classroom to move to the redefinition level of the SAMR Model. ? You will need to explain why you believe this activity now falls into the redefinition stage of the SAMR Model. You will explain why the activity falls into the redefinition stage by identifying the task or tasks that can now be accomplished that were previously not possible without integrating technology. ? You will need to identify the specific technology you would use and how you would use it, and not speak in general terms. ? You will need to write in current APA format. You must use the Applying the SAMR Model Template for this assignment.

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