Life of pi is considered a positive psychology film.

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This website “” is a good website to watch Life of Pi (2012) by Ang Lee
The handouts and a picture of the required reading will be in the files. These two links are the actual textbook and the other is an article.This will help you out with the questions.
14.2, 14.4, 14.5 readings
Part I: Film Notes/Personal Reflection-Briefly reflect on the film. Your reflection should be at least 1-2 paragraphs and should address noteworthy scenes and characters that are featured in the beginning, middle, and end of the film. Discuss the film’s educational value. How does it help you understand psychology through film? In other words, what insights did you gain into the major topic areas this week (e.g. Positive Psychology, emotions stress, etc.)?
Part II: Psychological Application and Analysis
1.According to Spielman (2014), “stress is a term used loosely to describe a variety of unpleasant feeling states.” Apply the definition to Pi.
2.Provide 1 example of a chronic stressor or 1 example of an acute stressor from the film. Be sure to include a brief definition of each stressor in your response.
3.Provide 1 example of Pi using an emotional coping strategy and 1 example of a problem-solving strategy.
4.Provide 1 example of an intrapersonal function of emotion or 1 example of an interpersonal function of emotion that is illustrated in the film. Be sure to differentiate between the concepts in your response.
5.Refer to the Positive Psychology Handout and the Pursuit of Happiness reading included in the Module. What factors influence Pi’s happiness at the end of the film? Life of Pi is considered a Positive Psychology film. Why? (hint: Criteria and Rating Guide). What character strengths or virtues does Pi display?

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