Module 4:: Theory Concept Anaylsis 5110Points 100 Assignment Overview Involves

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Module 4:: Theory Concept Anaylsis 5110Points 100
Assignment Overview
Involves engagement in activities to build an understanding of skills in EBP concept appraisal and analysis related to advanced practice. Students will interact with the concepts analysis process and appreciate the value of appropriate theory evaluation for utilization in practice.
EBP Concept Analysis Guideline/Direction:
Select the article provided to complete an EBP/Advanced practice concept analysis. Prepare your review using concept analysis table/guideline provided
• Chiwaula CH, Chinkhata M, Kamera H, Haruzivishe C (2018) Evidence-Based Practice: A Concept Analysis. Health Syst Policy Res Vol. 5 No.3: 75. (Links to an external site.))

NGR5110: Concept Analysis Report Table & Criteria
After reading your selected article, use the table below to report your review information. Evaluator will score from zero to full value, the extent to which the response addressed each stated criterion: Exceptionally addressed; Mostly addressed; Partially addressed; Mostly not addressed; or Not addressed.
Requirements For Review
Citation of reviewed article in APA format:
Citation of the concept analysis process/method used in the article (Cite in APA format):
Identify concept/s analyzed in the article
• Author’s rationale for choosing this concept for analysis.
• Include the stated purpose.
What specific steps were implemented in the analysis process?
• Data source: Describe process used in the literature search.
• (2) Include description of search terms, database/s, article or research included in the analysis.
Data synthesis: Describe the data synthesis process used in the report.
Report the result of the concept analysis.
• Describe clearly the operational definition derived or proposed for the concept.
• Is the definition a meaningful and appropriate derivation from the analysis?
Explain how the information derived from the concept analysis will benefit nursing practice?
• Describe your big take-away about evidence-based practice from reviewing the concept analysis report you selected.
• Which specific step of the process do you find most interesting and why?
Propose a concept of your interest relevant to the advanced practice role for future analysis. Provide rationale.

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