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Only use this textbook: nystul, michael.

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1. Read the Personal Note story on page 7 in the textbook. Explain what narrative counseling and/or narrative repair is and how it played a benefit for the the client, “Pat.”
2. Review the 14 counselor qualities listed on pages 9-11. Choose one that stands out to you and describe why you think it is an important quality for a counselor to have. There is no right or wrong answer for this part of the assignment.
3. An emerging trend in mental health counseling is referred to as Single Session Therapy (SST) which is similar to brief counseling approaches. Based on the description found on page 26 along with the guidelines found on page 27, what do you think is a benefit of the model and what do you think is a negative attribute of the model?
Remember, you must include and type out a quote(s) with quotation marks and terminology from the textbook in order to receive credit. Your response to the assignment must be 400 word minimum.
Only use this TEXTBOOK: Nystul, Michael. (2019). Introduction to Counseling: An Art and Science Perspective (6th Edition). Cognella Academic Publishing.

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