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Part I: Plotting Data on a Map Read the following scenario: Now that you know wh

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Part I: Plotting Data on a Map
Read the following scenario:
Now that you know where the outbreaks are located and which age groups are most affected, your organization wants to map out the areas that pose the highest exposure risk.
Create a symbols map using Microsoft Excel and the data provided in the High Risk Areas spreadsheet( attached) to determine the areas of the country with the most risk.
Review the “Plotting Data onto a Map in Microsoft Excel” document for instructions on completing this portion of the assignment.
Write a 350- to 525-word analysis of the data that answers the following questions:
Which cities (states) are high risk and low risk?
Which areas of the country are high risk and low risk?
What else can be deduced after evaluating the chart?
Include your map with your analysis, not separately. Label as a “Figure” according to APA formatting.
Part II: Information Analysis
Compare the charts and graphs you created for the reports in previous assessments and determine conclusions based on the analysis of the data.
Select a health care facility or service (e.g., hospital, physician practice, long-term care facility, ambulance service, pharmacy, or skilled nursing facility).
Write a 700- to 1,050-word analysis, addressing the following:
Describe how your selected health care facility or service can benefit from the information you gathered and analyzed in the previous assessments.
Examine any conflicts of interest, ethical considerations, or community health effects that may factor into the benefits identified.
Identify any points that can be served by further research into either the facility, a service it provides, or the given data.
Reference data, graphs, and charts to support your claims.
Cite at least 2 scholarly references to support your assignment. Feel free to use supplemental readings from peer-reviewed journals as references. Do not use “.com” commercial, “.edu” education, “.org,” or “.net” proprietary sources. You may use one .gov reference, such as the CDC or NIH.
Compile Part I and Part II into a report that could be submitted to the leadership in your organization.
Format your report according to APA guidelines.

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