Perspectives on Personality Assignment Sheet: Understanding Personality You o

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Perspectives on Personality Assignment Sheet: Understanding Personality

You only met Cece and John A. (please be sure to watch the John A. Video) briefly, but you probably have formed some impressions of them and their personalities. Now take a few minutes and reflect on their personalities below. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers; only your impressions and perceptions based on what they have told you about themselves.
How would you describe Cece and John’s personalities to someone who asked? Are there any ways in which you see them as similar or different in relation to one another? (100 words or less).
This course covers six broad approaches to personality with each approach serving as a lens through which individuals can be viewed, including the nature of their development, their defining relationships, dominant traits or features, as well as characteristic ways of viewing the world and making sense of themselves. What might you say about Cece and John’s personalities from each of the following perspectives? (Brief observations, speculations or impressions are fine; you are just trying on the various lenses that we will be looking at in greater detail throughout the course.)
a. Psychoanalytic (do you see any driving forces in their personalities, influences from their relationship with their parents?)
b. Trait Approaches (can you identify any cardinal features, traits, or characteristics of each of them?)
c. Biological Influences (any aspects of their mothers or fathers that you can identify?).
d. Humanistic Approaches (where would you see Cece and John in relation to their development and potential)?
e. Behavioral/Social Learning Approaches (can you identify any influences that have reinforced or shaped their personalities or anyone they may have modeled in forming aspects of who they are?)
f. Cognitive Approaches (Any characteristic cognitive styles like optimism or pessimism, perspectives or “schemas” that might influence the way they view things?)
If you were to imagine their characteristic ways of coping with stress or challenges, what might those be?
Use this link as a resource:
In what ways might you see yourself as similar to, or different from, Cece or John? In other words, is there anything about either of their personalities that you can identify with, or that distinguishes you from them? What would be some examples?

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