Since I do not have the chapters 1-3 please paraphrase this correct student’s an

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Since I do not have the chapters 1-3 please paraphrase this correct student’s answer of those chapters:
After reading these chapters I now have a deeper understanding of how pandemics spread, and how people act towards them on a psychological level. I am going to talk about my reactions for the first three chapters and relate them to a source that affected my experience in the current pandemic.
In The Psychology of Pandemics Chapter One, Taylor explains the stressors that come along with a pandemic, “There may be severe disruptions of routines, separation from family and friends, quarantine or other social distancing programs, and school closure (Shultz, Espinel, Flynn, Hoffman, & Cohen, 2008). During a pandemic most people automatically worry about contracting the virus but, as the illness spreads, household income, mental health, and having adequate resources are also threatened. For example, during COVID-19 there were food and toilet paper shortages because society was trying to stock up all at once. As people got sick and lost loved ones, they had to take leaves of absence which threatened their household income. Pew Research Center found that one out of 4 adults struggled to pay their bills during the pandemic (Parker et al., 2020). I remember being worried about my dad losing his job during covid and was worried about whether or not he would be able to provide for my family and help me pay for my college tuition.
In Chapter Two, Taylor describes the common methods of how health organizations manage pandemics. Vaccinations are developed and tested and then regulated to the population. Quarantine guidelines are implemented and are expected to be followed by the government. Unfortunately, with pandemics it may be hard to understand how the vaccines will affect the different immune systems and genetics of the public so there can be warnings of side effects that could develop from the virus and the vaccines, “Vaccines might not be suitable for all members of the population and there may be a risk of adverse effects, such as Guillain Barre syndrome”(Taylor, 2020). This reminded me of how during the pandemic a lot of people chose not to take the Covid-19 vaccine because they were scared of adverse side effects that could develop later on. Originally when the vaccine was finally given to the public there was a part of the population that were having heart population troubles from the vaccine. Two of my best guy friends suffered from myocarditis from the vaccine and are still recovering. I was fortunate and did not have any side effects but, I remember being very scared of taking the vaccine.
Myocarditis article: (Links to an external site.)
Chapter Three explains how society reacts to pandemics psychologically. Taylor explains how during the SARS outbreak people were practicing hygiene actions that were not necessary but were acting out of stress from trying to not contract the virus, “During the SARS outbreak, one woman in Beijing microwaved banknotes that she had acquired from a bank, fearing that the notes were infected” (Taylor, 2020). This made me think about how my mom would disinfect all of our groceries in the garage and driveway before bringing them into the house. She would wear gloves and goggles because she thought she would be able to contract the virus from surfaces. I think a large part of the population was overly cautious and acted somewhat psychotic when trying to not get Covid-19. Taylor also explains how people would try to decontaminate their bodies, “In one instance a Canadian man drank hydrogen peroxide in the hope of keeping himself safe from the Spanish flu” (Taylor, 2020). This made me think about how in the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic people were advertising that drinking bleach could help cure the virus which is obviously toxic and could lead to death. There can be false media advertisements in order to scare people and when society is under pressure and stressed they may choose to follow the false media.
Americans Drinking Bleach article: (Links to an external site.)
Parker, K., Minkin, R., & Bennett, J. (2021, May 28). Economic fallout from covid-19 continues to hit lower-income Americans the hardest. Pew Research Center’s Social & Demographic Trends Project. Retrieved September 6, 2022, from
Please use your own source evidence based article at the end and not this exact one.

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