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Spell/grammar check your work.

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Instructions: To earn credit, submit an original paper that meets the following requirements to the Turnitin link before September 18 at 11:59 p.m. (PST) Develop a formal research paper analyzing one civil rights law that affects the operations of an HRT agency or organization. Focus on one HRT industry and setting: Hospitality/tourism (hotel, restaurant, cruise line, airline or casino), recreation (park, sport, aquatics, day camp, military or campus recreation program) or recreation therapy program (medical, city, school or prison). Content: Provide information needed for new management trainees in one HRT industry/setting about the meaning of social justice and civil rights, one civil rights law and how it applies to the selected agency or organization (facilities, programs, guests, staff and others). Clearly identify the HRT industry/setting/type of agency or organization and the specific name of one researched civil rights law. Discuss proactive actions that managers and staff can take to comply with the law, protect the civil rights of individuals and effectively manage the organization. References: Evaluate and analyze information obtained from a minimum of two (2) current and credible sources. The references should be directly related to your selected HRT setting and the law you are writing about. Credible references: -Course textbook and other books. -Full-text peer-reviewed journal articles. -Trade or industry publication articles (published to educate and inform professionals working in a trade or industry). -Articles, data, legal requirements or analysis from governmental web pages (.gov), educational web pages (.edu). -Conference proceeding articles. -Dissertations/theses. Use only the type of references listed. All references must be published or revised between 2006-2022 and include the name of the author/editor/organization. Do NOT use magazine articles (designed for the public), blogs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, Wikipedia, magazines, book reviews, abstracts, videos, or newspaper articles as references. Do not use any reference without a current date (n.d. is not acceptable). The copyright date for a website is usually at the bottom of the page. Format Write a formal paper. Use third person (no I, we or you). For example: According to researchers (Smith, 2017), one civil right law that is important for hotel managers to know about is . . . Write a minimum of 1,500 words, including the introduction, body and conclusion. An abstract, title page, running head, and table of contents should not be included and will not count toward the required length. Double-space throughout the paper and reference section. Use a 12-point readable font. Use headings to organize the paper. Indent the first line of each paragraph. Limit paragraphs to 4-7 sentences in length. Spell/grammar check your work. Include APA format citations throughout the text of the paper (author’s last name, year of publication) and full APA citations in the reference section at the end of the paper. Do not use any direct quotes, lists or bullet points in the paper. Write full sentences in paragraph form. Use appropriate grammar, spelling, sentence structure and punctuation. Submitting Your Paper and the Similarity Report: Upload your work in Word or PDF format to the Turnitin link. The Similarity Report should be 14% or less, including citations. Do not copy and paste any material written by another author or written by you for a previous assignment or class. Submit your paper several hours or days before the deadline, so you have time to check the Similarity Report and make revisions if necessary. Grading Grading for the assignment will be based on content, adherence to the assignment requirements, quality of the writing, format, references, citations, and originality.

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