Criminal Justice

The Italian Mafia in America preyed upon its own community for decades before it

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The Italian Mafia in America preyed upon its own community for decades before it ever received any attention by American Law Enforcement…… now it’s become an infamous icon of not only American Culture ~ but worldwide
How many other criminal entities are out there preying on their own community ~ in our country ~ apparently not yet registering with the rest of American Society of what these criminal entities are doing just because for right now it’s not impacting their way of life
The best way to negate a threat, current or emerging is to get ahead of it as much as you can
The best way to get ahead of it ~ Is to know our history in this arena
** also, its critical you can conduct independent research, pull together facts, information, data and conduct analysis, thought processing and come up with viable information, methodology and approaches incorporating all of this into a finished product ~ if you want to excel when you are out there actually contributing to the safety, security and well-being of the community and population base that you serve and are responsible for safeguarding.
Please use intelligence instead of academic writing approach with all your submissions ~ see this link: ICI_D02_S01_T12_STEP.docx (
Assignment #1 ~
Joseph Michael Valachi (September 22, 1904 – April 3, 1971) was an American gangster in the Genovese crime family who is notable as the first member of the Italian-American Mafia to, in 1963, acknowledge its existence publicly. Joseph Valachi – Wikipedia (Links to an external site.)
Part 1: Who is Joe Valachi, why is that important for this course, and what was learned by, from him?
Part 2: Discuss the successes and/or failures in the recruitment and handling of Joe Valachi, what did we learn, how can you use this to enhance your skills in HUMINT?
Part 3: Identify a criminal, or terrorist or intelligence threat that is out there right now and not being addressed and how we can get ahead of it using HUMINT.
Use at least three quality external sources/references, and less then 10% quotations. Please observe the following guidelines:
This submission should be a minimum of 600 words (note: minimum of 200 words or more for each individual part). Size 12 font, double spaced
APA 7 format will be used, with in-text citations and references
Submit as text in submission box or a Microsoft Word document. If I am unable to open your submission because it was not a worddoc it may be considered late or no submission.
Please submit the paper in Canvas by Tuesday Sept 06
Grading – 75% is on if you have addressed the three issues. 25% is on grammar, structure, formatting, APA compliance, graduate level writing, and less then 10% quotations.
Some resources:
On Paragraphs // Purdue Writing Lab (Links to an external site.)
APA Style Introduction // Purdue Writing Lab
• Fitzgerald, D.G. (2015) Informants, Cooperating Witnesses, and Undercover Investigations (2ed.). CRC Press
• Olson, J.M. (2021) To Catch A Spy: The Art of Counterintelligence. Georgetown University Press (*Note this is the paperback version with a 2021 preface, the 2019 version without preface is also fine for the course

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