This assignment focuses on the history and development of the American presidenc

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This assignment focuses on the history and development of the American presidency. In a minimum ten-page paper constructed and sent in Word rich-text format, each student must identify and explain in detail the significance of ten changes–constitutional or otherwise–which have transpired in the presidential office since 1789. [See below for sample list of changes.] The paper must employ a minimum of two sources, which are to be identified within the paper using notes or the in-text method, and have full citation of sources in a separate reference page at the end. CHANGES IN PRESIDENCY OVER TIME 1. 12th Amendment on how presidential electors select president and vice president 2. 20th Amendment on change in date of presidential inauguration 3. 22nd Amendment on two-term limit for president 4. 25th Amendment on succession procedure for president and vice president 5. Increase in number of cabinet departments 6. Revision of process for nominating candidates 7. Changes in campaigning 8. First Lady role and visibility 9. Creation of Secret Service 10. Role and duties of the vice president 11. Addition of Executive Office of the President and changes in its composition 12. Establishment of independent agencies within executive branch 13. Increase in use of presidential vetoes 14. How media covers White House 15. Method and locations of travel 16. Addition of several presidential powers, including executive privilege, executive agreements, signing statements, impoundment/rescission of funds 17. Increase in use of presidential emergency powers 18. Revision of Federal budget process and impact on presidency 19. Increase in use of executive orders 20. How president delivers State of Union message 21. Passage of Presidential Records Act and its impact 22. Changes in presidential removal authority 23. Addition and loss of item veto authority 24. How president communicates with public 25. Role of president in foreign affairs 26. Increase in presidential salary 27. Who can vote for president: 15th Amendment, 19th Amendment, 23rd Amendment, 26th Amendment

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