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This is an english class.

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ENGL 2860 Chapter 2 Homework #2/Module 3 Blade Runner
Homework Instructions
Download each assignment guidelines. Open assignment in word and read the assignment thoroughly. This assignment requires an essay of a minimum of 4 paragraphs 1.5 pages or more in the length. This homework shall be organized in paragraph format. Create a three-line single space heading in the right corner with your name, assignment and date. Each paragraph must be a minimum length of 8 sentences. You will use Arial or Times New Roman font 12-point size and standard format between words with default 1-inch margins. The homework shall be doubled spaced but delete gaps between paragraphs. PROOFREAD YOUR ASSIGNMENT. This is an English class. Consult the rubric on PAWS for grading.
Assignment parameters:
Watch the entire film.
This film is available on multiple streaming services. It is your responsibility to rent this film to complete this homework. It is available on Amazon Prime, Goggle Play and Vudu.
Blade Runner 1982 Dir: Ridley Scott
Briefly describe the story or narrative of this film in a paragraph or two. How did the plot of this film resolve? Did the ending surprise you? Describe the setting of this film. What kind of world is this film? How does the cinematography support this idea?
Pick out two significant shots you found were interesting. Dedicate a paragraph to the analysis of each shot. Please do not use the shot from the lecture! Describe the quality of the lighting? (think contrast) Do you notice an angle for the primary (key) light. Was there a noticeable backlight? What is the color of the lighting? What is the camera position and movement (if there is any) of the shot? How do these aspects work in conjunction with the lighting scheme? How does lighting feature, the characters, set or location and what is the message? How does lighting feature sets, productions design or costuming? Can you figure out what type of lens was used, is there a notable shift in the type of lens from the shot before it? what kind of message is the director conveying in this shot? Does the lighting suggest a type of film, film movement or genre?

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