Computer Science

Use the apa style of writing and citing sources.

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Include an introduction that clearly states the purpose of your research and the boundaries of the problem in question.
Include enough background information on the problem to provide convincing evidence of your own mastery of the topic.
Support the main points with appropriate details.
Use the APA style of writing and citing sources. Refer to the APA Help Center tab in the left navigation pane for some APA examples and tips.
Papers must be clearly organized (this implies adequate use of headings), and pages must be numbered.
A bibliography is required.
Quoted or paraphrased material must be properly cited in the APA style.
Your instructor is looking for depth, accuracy, clarity, and completeness of the information being presented.
Include a conclusion that summarizes the main points of the paper.
FIRST, the student will select a topic that is directly related to this course of study. (TOPIC IS THE THE CPU MOTHERBOARD)
SECOND, the student will assemble a set of information sources on the topic. These sources will provide enough background information so the major aspects of the topic can be discussed. A tentative outline of the paper and a tentative list of sources is expected.
THIRD, the student will create an abstract.
FOURTH, the student will present a publish of the paper to their peers for peer review.

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