Use the “Submit Assignment” tab on Blackboard.

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Our main text will be the excerpt from the Book of Songs that is included in our reading packet on Blackboard. In preparation for the discussion, please choose one of the poems from the Book of Songs that you find interesting, and come to class prepared to discuss it. And very importantly: we’d like you to tell us what you believe this particular poem can reveal about Chinese society of ancient times.
In doing this assignment, it is important that you wrestle with the text of the Songs yourself. Don’t simply use the internet or other sources to find traditional interpretations that you then bring to class. We’d like you to use this exercise to hone your analytical skills. Note that a reading on Blackboard entitled “The Book of Songs: Poems that Helped Shape Chinese Thought” might also be useful.
Optional Writing Assignment: If you choose, you may write up your interpretation and submit it for credit. Please do not quote your chosen poem in full; just tell us the number and title. (You can, and most likely will, quote individual lines in your analysis). Your finished essay should be one to two pages double-spaced. In order to get credit for this assignment, your essay must be uploaded before Tuesday’s discussion. Use the “Submit Assignment” tab on Blackboard. This assignment will be graded only check, check+, or check-, and will count towards your grade for the “Debate among the Hundred Schools” assignment.

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