What policies are they involved in?

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Locate a professional healthcare organization that is involved with your topic area – THE TOPIC OF AREA IS IN THE TITLE. What is their mission? What policies are they involved in? Do they have any research areas listed or offer grants? Do they give statistics regarding prevalence and incidence of you patient population? What are the evidence-based guidelines for this issue? If not, where can you find this information? Are there any gaps between the current guidelines and how this health issue/problem is being managed in your place of employment – ANSWER TO HOW IT IS – EVEN THOUGH THIS IS A TOPIC OF GREAT INTEREST TO ME I DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE TYPES OF ISSUES IN MY CLINIC . Based on this gap, what clinical question could you focus on for your comps EBP topic/integrative review/research study? Must be APA Format No rambling or repetition Must be Clear and concise with no grammatical errors Only sources that are scholarly (scholarly articles must be in English – if a source is found that is not it MUST have accurate translation) or profound – no wikipedia or things of that nature

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