Where did you look?

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For the Economics theme, you’ve been reading Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward (1888). Your update might include answers to the following questions: 1-What has stood out to you the most in the story so far? 2-What are your feelings about the ideas expressed in the parts of the book that you’ve read or listened to? Did anything you read spark joy, trigger anger, or raise concerns? 3-What ideas in the book made you curious to know more? Did you do some research on your own? What information were you trying to find? Where did you look? What did you find? Action Item 2 In the “Bellamy is a Beast lecture of Looking Backwards,” I make the point that Bellamy’s storytelling helps to make sophisticated economic and social theory accessible. Summarize a passage from the reading that you think would interest most people you know and explain why you think that passage might resonate with people. If you don’t think any of the ideas in the passages you’ve been assigned to read would interest any people you know, say that and explain why you think most people would struggle to connect their lives and ideas to any part of the assigned reading. See Attachment

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