Why or why not?

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The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your knowledge of the social psychology of attitudes and to have you think critically about attitude concepts and measures. For this assignment, you are asked to take an Implicit Association Test (IAT) at Project Implicit. You will be asked to consider the strengths and limitations of the IAT.
For Steps 1 through 3, please reference the study materials (especially the reading “Social Cognition and Attitudes”) and external sources if necessary.
Define an attitude and give examples of different kinds of attitudes.
Share your opinion on the function of attitudes (i.e., what purpose they serve).
Distinguish between explicit and implicit attitudes and how they are measured by researchers.
Take an IAT at Project Implicit, and then answer the following questions:
1) Describe the IAT you took (e.g., what was it described as, what words or categories did it have, what was your overall impression of the experience as a participant).
2) To what extent did you feel that the IAT you took was an accurate measure of this implicit attitude and why?
3) Do you think the IAT is an important tool for social psychologists? Why or why not? (Taking this test does not require you to disclose your results; you are only expected to write about the test and your experience. An alternative step to complete this assignment is listed below if you do not wish to participate in the test.)
Citations are required including in-text referencing followed by a reference list in APA Style formatting. The writing must be in your own words. This writing assignment should be 3 to 4 pages (750 to 1000 words) using 12-point Times New Roman and 1-inch margins. Citations/references should not be included in the page/word count.

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