Works cited provide a combined works cited list for both agencies.

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Step 1: Find some agencies. For this part, you can look for agencies where you are locally or in Tucson itself. I have provided a list of agencies in Tucson. Ultimately, you need to choose two agencies from your community or the list. They can be very broad (Child Protective Services and the Police Department) or very specific. It is suggested you select two agencies which are dissimilar. Step 2: Get some information. Look up the agency’s website, but also look for any news articles on the agency, interviews professionals may have given, or any other information available. In this case, please feel free to share information with others on the Discussion Boards. Remember to keep track of all your sources for both agencies, as you will need to cite them. For assistance in citing online sources, please check the free online resource: You may also choose to interview someone at the agency, either through email, by the phone, or in person. When contacting the agency, it is important to comport yourself professional. The first contact includes a brief introduction of yourself and the program, some indication of appreciation of the agency, a request for information, and a description of the purpose of the information AND a lot of active listening. *Always be nice to the person on the other end of the phone- There is no such thing as an unimportant person. Smile on the phone, people can hear it. Example: Hello, this is John Doe, I am taking a course with Dr. Perkins at the University of Arizona about child abuse and maltreatment. I have chosen ABC Domestic Violence shelter as my program of focus for the class because I admire the individualized care that the shelter is reputed for. Is it possible to schedule a time when I could interview the staff and tour the facility? Or maybe someone I could email questions to? If you plan on doing an in person interview it is important that you call and schedule a visit as soon as possible. Step 3: Answer Some Questions. Answer the below questions for BOTH agencies. You may number the responses, but you must still respond in paragraph form, 12 point font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced, with appropriate spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Please attend to the word limits, you may need to change your wording to meet the word-limit requirements. Use appropriate, in-text citation methods when quoting specific sources. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are utilizing correct methods for citation. Agency List (Pima County) This agency list may be out-of-date. Arizona Families F.I.R.S.T Arizona School of the Deaf and Blind Artisans: Child and Family Resources Casa Amparo Shelter Casa de Los Ninos Child and Family Resources Cottonwood de Tucson El Hogar de la Paz EMERGE! Families First Gang Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission (GITEM) Gospel Rescue Mission In My Shoes – Group Mentoring In My Shoes – One-to-One Mentoring Jewish Family and Children Services Project Safe Place (Girls Sexual/Physical Abuse) La Canada 1 La Canada 2 La Frontera Las Familias (Infancy to Adulthood) Old Pueblo Community Services Our Family CommunUnity Program Our Family Counseling Our Family In-Home Services Our Family Reunion House Our Family Support Group- Recover Together Our Town Family Center Pantano Parent AID Child Abuse Prevention Center Parents Anonymous of Arizona Pima County Juvenile Probation Presidio Counseling (Private agency- Offenders of sexual abuse- Children who re-enact their experiences victim/perpetrators) SACASA (Recent Assaults and Cyclic Abuse stemming from childhood) The Center for Adolescent Parents: Child and Family Resources The Liberty Partnership: Child and Family Resources Tucson Medical Center Emergency Pediatric Unit Tucson Police Department Child Sexual Abuse Detail Tucson Police Department Gang Outreach Voices for violence Wingspan- Eon Youth Lounge Group 1 Wingspan- Eon Youth Lounge Group 2 Youth on Their Own Part 2: Learning about the Agency WORKSHEET What is the name of the agency? How does this agency’s service relate to child abuse or maltreatment? (500 word limit) Link this back to something we have discussed in class so far. What makes this agency important? Really think this one out, try to lay the foundation. Generally, what does the agency do? (500 word limit) Give a description of services, location, staff, funding, and partnership with any other agencies? What types of risk factors does the agency target? Does the agency provide prevention or intervention services (provide examples)? How many and who does the agency serve? If you cannot find any of the above information, say so, and speculate as to your best guesses as to the answer. What further research would you need to do to answer any questions you could not? What was your first impression of the agency? (500 word limit) What are the agency’s strengths? What are the agency’s shortcomings? How do you think that the agency balances advocacy and empiricism? Answer the above questions for the second agency. Works Cited Provide a combined works cited list for both agencies. Use appropriate APA formatting.

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